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There is a new episode of 'A Perfect Girl' on!
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Latest entry: 100 Years! 1920 - 2020 Lena lotta brand

I just love to look at the 1920's black/white pictures. So I started to compare: What changed in women's life...

100 years! 1920 - 2020... How women's life changed.

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Happy Holiday


Episode six of 'A Perfect Girl' is online on!

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lenalottabrand A Perfect Girl


Fanfiction: Krashlyn-Preath AU and nothing but AU: hard and dangerous work, tough girls, sweet romance, passion and emotion. No soccer, sorry...

A tough and edgy Aslyn meets warm and lovely Ali, both professionals dedicated to their jobs, both trying to forget the pains of past relationships. But while they try to avoid the feelings so strongly connected to bitter memories they still long for passion and tenderness. And while they avoid commitment and emotional bonds they also avoid the only cure for their wounds: love ...

When heli pilot Tobin Heath falls for a VIP passenger she knows that love played a cruel trick on her: Chris Press is stunning, she's spoiled, she's trouble - and she's the wife of Tobin's boss. But some part of Tobin never grew up - she simply insists that love owes her a happy end: if love can pull pranks, it can also work miracles.


I published a new episode of the story on Tapas! Click on the pic or use the navigation arrows to go there!

She poured milk into the bowl with the name 'Saffron' on it.
The cat came from under the closet, stretched, yawned. “What the f***ck is this??” The cat stared at the milk, then at the girl. “You really think I'm gonna drink this?”
“It's milk”, the girl said. “It's good for you.”
“Bull...shit!” The cat sat down. “Cats don't want milk. Cats want cats' drinks, like...” It looked at the table, its eyes narrowing to thin vertical slits. “What's in that nice bottle over there?”
“You think I'm gonna feed you vodka?” The girl shook her head. “You're gonna die!”
“Come on! Cats don't die because of a stiff drink! We aren't little girls who can't take it - like a certain person I know...”


The cover art for my romantic fiction on was done by Tine Moellegard. She also did my profile pic.
Making a cover art is an exciting project  which I never did it before: we discussed the story (guess what: it features a cat which talks dirty and more or less behaves like a guy a girl wouldn't want to be with) , decided on the visual components to represent the story (the girl and the cat and a somehow romantic lettering for the title) and then we tried to find the perfect arrangement.
I think Tine's just great! Find more art by her on Deviantart...


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